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GWF Three Count, Season 2, Episode 4 “Hello Ladies”

The big casting day has come. Pascal Spalter is showing his professional side while Lucky Kid is doing exactly what the German Heavyweight has adviced him to do. Vincenzo Coccotti has a new job in the GWF in sight and Tarkan Aslan’s brother Ben is taking the Lion Kind aside for some straight talk.

GWF Three Count, Season 2, Episode 3 “Important Appointment”

In a heated discussion Cash Money Erkan and Crazy Sexy Mike clash. Kati Libra is seeking Wesna for help and Ali Aslan discovers a rather unpleasant surprise. After the incidents at last Saturday’s Battlefield show we see Pascal Spalter, John Klinger and Orlando Silver in the main event.

GWF Three Count, Season 2, Episode 2 “A Shoulder to Cry on”

Pascal Spalter and Lucky Kid learn about their upcoming opportunity for a commercial. Kati Libra feels the urge to start a revolution and Vincenzo Coccotti has rather interesting advice for Georges Khoukaz. In a special preview for the upcoming tag titles match at Battlefield, Icarus and Just Rambo face each other in the main event of his episode.

GWF Three Count, Season 2, Episode 1 “Youth of Today”

While president Ahmed Chaer and matchmaker Crazy Sexy Mike are fighting over who of the GWF stars is getting a commercial deal opportunity, the boss of Grup Anarsi – Ali Aslan – makes his voice heard and his anger about GWF management. The main event of his episode is an international dream match between Lucha Underground Superstar Matt Cross and the “Headbanga” El Phantasmo.

Kick-Out Special: Pascal Spalter Interview (Teil 2/2)

Free Preview Weiter geht es mit dem zweiten Teil des Interviews mit Pascal Spalter. In weiteren knapp 60 Minuten redet der Held der Hauptstadt über folgenden Themen: Warum deutsche Wrestler im Ausland keine Augen auf deutsche Promotions werfen Als ich Ilja Dragunovs Comeback beim Carat

GWF Mystery Mayhem 2018

5 Envelopes. 4 Title Opportunities. Every championship is on the line! It is the most unpredictable night of the year! Five people have won themselves a Mystery Mayhem envelope in the months prior to the show.
Crazy Sexy Mike, Icarus, Cem Kaplan, Just Rambo and Dover have the chance to become champion. But which envelope will hold which title opportunity?