What is WeAreGWF.com?
WeAreGWF.com is a platform to watch video content of the German Wrestling Federation, a pro wrestling promotion based in Berlin, Germany. Like the WWE Network, WeAreGWF.com offers you an easy to navigate through website´to watch your favorite GWF content, which is accessible on all platforms (Smartphones, Computers, Console + everything that has a browser with HTML5 Support)

How much is it?
To get access to every GWF show available, it’s 10 dollar a month (+ taxes) until our “ultimate goal” on Patreon is reached. Click here for more information.

What payment methods are available?
You can “subscribe” via Paypal or credit card.

How to register/login?
For this we rely on Patreon.com, a platform for monthly crowdfunding. The first time you use WeAreGWF.com, you have to connect to your Patreon account (choose “Login with Patreon“), which is needed to manage your “subscription”. After the connection has been made, you set up an account for WeAreGWF.com, which you use to login to watch on demand content. A login form can be seen on the right side of each content page.

What changes if I’m already supporting via Patreon?
Nothing! WeAreGWF.com as platform is purely optional. No second subscription! If you still want to use the interactive features like polls you can still do that on the GWF Patreon Page. If you just want to watch GWF On Demand on a well-structured website, WeAreGWF.com is perfect for you.

How to cancel?
You can cancel at anytime you wish. To cancel your monthly payment check your Patreon.com settings. Even with a cancelled payment, your WeAreGWF.com account will remain with restricted access to content on this site. If you decide to “subscribe” again via Patreon, you can simply reuse your old account.

If you have any trouble please contact info@WeAreGWF.com