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GWF Global Warning 2018

Every year at Global Warning we welcome Wrestling Superstars from around the world. In this year the ROH World Champion Dalton Castle is making his Germany debut and has to defend his title against the “Lion King” Tarkan Aslan.

GWF Who’s Next: Episode 12

In der letzten Episode sind die letzten neun Talente im direkten Duell gegeneinander angetreten und mussten in einem klassischen Warm-Up, am Mikrofon und in einem Tag Team Match von sich überzeugen. Die übrig gebliebenen sechs Kontrahenten haben weiter das Ziel vor Augen einen Vertrag mit

GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution 6

See the GWF Women’s Title match between Katey Harvey and Pollyanna , the return of Blue Nikita against Shanna and the debut of Lady Valkyrie in a 3-Way match against The Amazon Ayesha Raymond and Wesna.

GWF Who’s Next: Episode 11

Teilnehmer: Matze, Prinz Leopold, Georges Khoukaz, Lukas Robinson, Benji, Slim Jim, Arash, Adam Krüger, Nathan Phoenix
Jury: Doug Williams, Pascal Spalter, Ahmed Chaer

GWF Legacy – 22 Jahre Berlin Wrestling

The German Wrestling Federation celebrates its 22nd birthday with their biggest show so far. 1123 fans in the crowd witnessed the big finale of 13 episodes of GWF Three Count – The Wrestling Series.

GWF Three Count, Episode 13

We are three days away from GWF LEGACY, the big anniversary show of the German Wrestling Federation. 22 years in the making and in the final episode of GWF THREE COUNT the biggest conflicts are reaching their peaks.

GWF Three Count, Episode 12

A week before GWF LEGACY on November 11th the emotions are rising high as the reigning GWF World Champion Pascal Spalter confronts his two challengers Icarus and Chris Colen.