GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution 9: Let The Hunt Begin

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At GWF Revolution 9: Let The Hunt Begin we will start the search for a new challenger to the GWF Women’s Title.

Three first round matches. One triple threat in the finals just as we did two years ago when we had the first Revolution show.

English Commentary: Dave Bradshaw
Event: GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution 8
Date: 08 September 2018


#1-Contender Tournament (GWF Women’s Title), Round #1
Lady Valkyrie vs. Nightshade

#1-Contender Tournament (GWF Women’s Title), Round #1
Alpha Female vs. Wesna

#1-Contender Tournament (GWF Women’s Title), Round #1
Laura Di Matteo vs. Skye Smitson

Loser Leaves GWF Match (Special Referee: Vincenzo Coccotti)
Audrey Bride vs. Melanie Gray

Blue Nikita & Cem Kaplan vs. Circle of Justice (Kati Libra & Felix Weber)

GWF Women’s Title Match
Ayesha Raymond vs. Katey Harvey (c)

#1-Contender Tournament (GWF Women’s Title), Final – 3-Way Match