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GWF Three Count, Episode 03

The biggest chance: Nothing is more important to Orlando Silver than winning the GWF World Title.
But the upcoming Battlefield event is also important to other people who boldy announce their success.

GWF Three Count, Episode 02

A week after his World Champion threatened to leave the German Wrestling Federation El Presidente Rambo talks to his title holder Pascal Spalter and makes him an once in a lifetime offer.

GWF Three Count, Episode 01

In the ring GWF presents a showcase between “The Star Attraction” Mark Haskins and “The Arrow of Hungary” Icarus as well as “The Austrian Wolverine” Chris Colen in action.

GWF Who’s Next: Episode 07

In der sechsten Ausgabe treffen die Saiyajins aufeinander (Martin Guerrero & Matze)
Jury: Pascal Spalter, Orlando Silver, Tom La Ruffa

GWF Who’s Next: Episode 06

In der sechsten Ausgabe treffen Heresh Kurdi und Georges Khoukaz aufeinander.
Jury: Tarkan Aslan, Ahmed Chaer, Chris Colen

GWF Who’s Next: Episode 05

In der fünften Ausgabe treffen Slinky und Alex Krüger aufeinander.
Jury: Tom La Ruffa, Ulf Hermann, Al Snow, Doug Williams