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GWF Revenge 2018

Es wird abgerechnet! Bei GWF Revenge treffen Rivalen in den härtesten Fights aufeinander. Erlebt die größten Fehden und die spannendsten Duelle unter anderen Bedingungen neu. Jeder Kampf steht unter einem besonderen Motto und nur die zähesten Wrestler werden diese Nacht überstehen!

GWF Battlefield 2018

It’s the biggest battle of the year! 30 competitors – one winner! Welcome to the Battlefield!

GWF Summer Smash 3

Forget about BBQs and pools – this is the hottest party of the sommer!

GWF Mystery Mayhem 2018

5 Envelopes. 4 Title Opportunities. Every championship is on the line! It is the most unpredictable night of the year! Five people have won themselves a Mystery Mayhem envelope in the months prior to the show.
Crazy Sexy Mike, Icarus, Cem Kaplan, Just Rambo and Dover have the chance to become champion. But which envelope will hold which title opportunity?

GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution 8: All Eyes On Us

Revolution 8 was Germany’s first-ever all-female wrestling evening event and featured two huge title matches! For the first time the PROGRESS Women’s Title was defended in Germany as Australia’s Toni Storm competed against wrestling legend Wesna. In the second title bout the undefeated GWF Women’s Champion Katey Harvey fought against The Daredevil from Greece Blue Nikita in a gruesome No Disqualification Match!

GWF Berlin Underground Wrestling 4

Welcome back to the Underground! Now for the fourth time GWF brings to you a night full of hardcore wrestling action! Every match is No DQ!

GWF Light Heavyweight World Cup 2018

For the first time ever GWF presents the Light Heavyweight World Cup. 8 Men from 8 different countries try to win this highflying and action packed tournament. Who will win the first ever GWF Light Heavyweight World Cup?