GWF Three Count, Episode 13

We are three days away from GWF LEGACY, the big anniversary show of the German Wrestling Federation.

22 years in the making and in the final episode of GWF THREE COUNT the biggest conflicts are reaching their peaks.

They used to work as a tag team but now Berlin Champion Tarkan Aslan confronts his former Young Lions partner Lucky Kid before their match.

Martin Guerrero explains to his trainer and mentor Vincenzo Coccotti why he wants to step into the ring with him.

Also the former president Ahmed Chaer makes the shocking discovery who is behind all his problems of the past few months and must learn if blood is really thicker than water.

This and more in the final episode of GWF THREE COUNT!

00:08:02 Gefreiter Weber vs. Kris Jokić

00:19:03 Dover vs. Chris Colen

German Commentary: “Thumbtack Jack” Alexander Bedranowsky & “PerkkiX” Jonathan G.