GWF Legacy – 22 Jahre Berlin Wrestling

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The German Wrestling Federation celebrates its 22nd birthday with their biggest show so far. 1123 fans in the crowd witnessed the big finale of 13 episodes of GWF Three Count – The Wrestling Series.

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German Commentary: Alexander Bedranowsky (Thumbtack Jack) & Jonathan G. (PerkkiX)
English Commentary: Romario Parnis
Event: GWF Legacy – 22 Jahre Berlin Wrestling
Date: 11 November 2017


Kris Jokic vs. Senza Volto

Kat Siren und Doug Williams vs. Wesna und Dover vs. Los Libertadores de la Lucha Libre (Kadettin Kati und Gefreiter Weber)

Loser Leaves Germany Match
Cem Kaplan vs. Orlando Silver

Falls Count Anywhere Match (Special Referee: Crazy Sexy Mike)
Ahmed Chaer vs. Rambo

GWF Tag Team Titles Match
Cash Money Mafia (Cash Money Erkan und Murat AK) (c) vs. Toni Harting und Ronaldo Shaqiri

10 Minutes Iron Man Match – GWF Loserweight Title Match
Martin Guerrero (c) vs. Vincenzo Coccotti

GWF Berlin Title Match
Lucky Kid vs. Tarkan Aslan (c)

GWF World Title Match
Chris Colen vs. Icarus vs. Pascal Spalter (c)