GWF Three Count, Episode 02

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A week after his World Champion threatened to leave the German Wrestling Federation El Presidente Rambo talks to his title holder Pascal Spalter and makes him an once in a lifetime offer.

The challenger Orlando Silver on the other hand is supported by an old friend who also collides with the Cash Money Mafia.

They are living up to their name and drag uninvolved people into their dirty business.

You will also see a fast paced match between the croatian Kris „The Falcon“ Jokić and the French Senzation Senza Volto as well as GWF Berlin Champion Tarkan Aslan in action.

00:11:56 Adam Krüger vs. Tarkan Aslan

00:22:54 Kris Jokić vs. Senza Volto

German Commentary: “Thumbtack Jack” Alexander Bedranowsky & “PerkkiX” Jonathan G.