GWF Three Count, Episode 01

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Welcome to the first episode of GWF THREE COUNT – The Wrestling Series!

Grandslam Wrestling is in the history books and the German Wrestling Federation has a new, old World Champion.

While looking for a new challenger El Presidente Rambo learns that his position doesn’t come with unlimited power.

In the ring GWF presents a showcase between “The Star Attraction” Mark Haskins and “The Arrow of Hungary” Icarus as well as “The Austrian Wolverine” Chris Colen in action.

See a new threat in form of Grup Anarşi and a lot more in the premiere of THREE COUNT.

00:09:12 Mark Haskins vs. Icarus

00:28:00 Chris Colen vs. Gefreiter Weber

German Commentary: “Thumbtack Jack” Alexander Bedranowsky & “PerkkiX” Jonathan G.