GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution 8: All Eyes On Us

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Revolution 8 was Germany’s first-ever all-female wrestling evening event and featured two huge title matches! For the first time the PROGRESS Women’s Title was defended in Germany as Australia’s Toni Storm competed against wrestling legend Wesna. In the second title bout the undefeated GWF Women’s Champion Katey Harvey fought against The Daredevil from Greece Blue Nikita in a gruesome No Disqualification Match!

Also in action:
Jamie Hayter from England made her return, Melanie Gray from Germany and Audrey Bride from Hungary competed in a tag team match against each other, The Amazon Ayesha Raymond made a huge statement towards the GWF Women’s Champion, Laura Di Matteo, Killer Kelly, Valkyrie and many more!

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English Commentary: Dave Bradshaw
Event: GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution 8
Date: 04 May 2018


Killer Kelly vs. Valkyrie

Tracy & Audrey Bride vs. Melanie Gray & Kat Siren

PROGRESS Women’s Title Match
Toni Storm (c) vs. Wesna

Triple Threat Match
Jamie Hayter vs. Jetta vs. Kati Libra

Ayesha Raymond vs. Laura Di Matteo

No Disqualification Match – GWF Women’s Title Match
Blue Nikita vs. Katey Harvey (c)