GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution 7

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Welcome to the revolution! For now the seventh time GWF brings you the best Women’s Wrestling with competitors from all around the globe!
Because of a snow storm in Ireland GWF Women’s Champion Katey Harvey and Valkyrie unfortunately couldn’t board their plane to Germany.
Luckily GWF found suitable replacements in Veda Scott from the United States and Killer Kelly from Portugal.
Kelly teamed up with GWF Berlin Champion Lucky Kid to take on the Croatian Panther Wesna and a well known opponent of Lucky Kid.
While the feud between Melanie Gray and Audrey Bride intensifies with severe consequences, the fans saw an absolute International Dream Match in the main event.
Debuting Laura Di Matteo from Italy finds herself in a Triple Threat Match with Kaitlien Diemond from Canada and Blue Nikita from Greece.

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German Commentary: Roberto Roberts & Cris Zero
English Commentary: Dave Bradshaw
Event: GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution 7
Date: 03 March 2018


Kati Libra vs. Melanie Gray

Shanna vs. Tracy

Audrey Bride vs. Veda Scott

Intergender Tag Team Match
Lucky Kid & Killer Kelly vs. Wesna & Tarkan Aslan

Ayesha Raymond vs. Kat Siren

Triple Threat
Blue Nikita vs. Kaitlin Diemond vs. Laura Di Matteo