GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution 6

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See the GWF Women’s Title match between Katey Harvey and Pollyanna , the return of Blue Nikita against Shanna and the debut of Lady Valkyrie in a 3-Way match against The Amazon Ayesha Raymond and Wesna. Also in action: Melanie Gray, Audrey Bride, Lissy Lennox, Kat Siren and more!


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German Commentary: Roberto Roberts & Cris Zero
English Commentary: Romario Parnis
Event: GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution 6
Date: 09 December 2017


Audrey Bride vs. Melanie Gray

Kat Siren vs. Slammerella

Ayesha Raymond vs. Valkyrie vs. Wesna

#1-Contender Match (GWF Women’s Title)
Blue Nikita vs. Shanna

Kati und Kris Jokic vs. Rambo und Lissy Lennox

GWF Women’s Title Match
Katey Harvey (c) vs. Pollyanna