GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution 5

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The German Wrestling Federation is crowning it’s first ever GWF Women’s Champion.
Who of the eight remaining competitors will make history by winning the tournament?
8 women from 7 different countries try to be the front runner of the revolution.

German Commentary: Roberto Roberts & Virgile aka. ViddyClassic
English Commentary: Romario Parnis
Event: GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution 5
Date: 02 September 2017

Audrey Bride – Hungary
Jazzy Gabert (Alpha Female) – Germany
Kaitlin Diemond – Canada
Katey Harvey – Ireland
Kira – Norway
Melanie Gray – Germany
Shanna – Portugal
Wesna – Croatia


Quarter Finals

Kira vs. Wesna
Katey Harvey vs. Melanie Gray
Kaitlin Diemond vs. Shanna
Jazzy Gabert vs. Audrey Bride

Semi Final
??? vs. ???

Semi Final
??? vs. ???

Mixed Tag Team Match
Los Libertadores de la Lucha Libre (Gefreiter Weber und Kadettin Kati) vs. Kat Siren und Lucky Kid

GWF Women’s Championship Match (Final)
??? vs. ???