GWF Three Count, Episode 10

In the tenth episode of GWF Three Count we’ll have a confrontation of champions.

The Loserweight Champion Martin Guerrero goes after the GWF Berlin Champion Tarkan Aslan who is also dealing with his former partner Lucky Kid.

The other titles of the German Wrestling Federation are also highly coveted and president Rambo determines the challengers for the GWF Tag Team Titles at GWF Legacy on November 11th.

But he also received a mysterious note…

This and more in this weeks episode of GWF Three Count!

00:07:12 Los Libertadores De La Lucha Libre (El Presidente Rambo & Gefreiter Weber) vs. Purple Star Circus (Slinky & Slim Jim)

German Commentary: “Thumbtack Jack” Alexander Bedranowsky & “PerkkiX” Jonathan G.