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GWF Chaos City 5

The capital sinks into chaos! Every is NO DQ on the fifth annual CHAOS CITY!

GWF Unleashed

The chains have been broken! We welcome you to the first ever UNLEASHED event! A name choosen by our GWF fans. Witness the first ever Unleashed match with 6 competitors and nobody knows who teams with whom.

GWF Battlefield 2020

GWF Battlefield 2020

30 Teilnehmer, ein Sieger – Willkommen auf dem Schlachtfeld! Es ist der größte Kampf des Jahres. Das BATTLEFIELD ruft!

GWF Summer Smash 5

Die heißeste Show des Sommers! Packt die Badekleidung aus und bringt Strandbälle mit, denn wir feiern mit euch den SUMMER SMASH 5! Brandheiße Action, große Superstars und noch viel mehr!

GWF Light Heavyweight World Cup 2020

The third annual tournament for wrestlers under 205 pounds. Who of the eight superstars will make their country proud and hold the trophy up high?

GWF Global Warning 2020

This is our warning to the world! Witness the return of former WWE Superstar CARLITO as he battles GWF World Champion John Klinger.

GWF Final Countdown 2019

The last GWF event of the decade! See the return of Chris Colen in singles action. He challenges Blutsbruder John Klinger for the GWF World Title. Also you will witness the crowning of the Undisputed GWF Women’s Champion.

GWF Legacy 2019 – Day 1

We celebrate our 24th anniversary with two events. 24 years of Pro Wrestling made in Berlin! This is GWF Legacy 2019 – Day 1!